Netanyahu Meets With Hillary Clinton, Gives Her Lesson in Bureaucracy


netanyahuIsraeli sources described Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meeting today as “friendly and concise.” The two met privately for an hour and a half and were later joined by officials from both sides, including Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Netanyahu presented Clinton with a sketch illustrating the long bureaucratic process entailed in securing building permits for houses in Israel, including in Yerushalayim. He described a process consisting of dozens of stages, including ones that many Israeli government ministers are not adept at.

Netanyahu explained that each stage has the potential of sparking an international controversy, trying to demonstrate the origin of the diplomatic crisis which erupted between the US and Israel last week.

Netanyahu told Clinton that he cannot guarantee that similar crises won’t happen in the future, regardless of the prime minister’s political stance on Yerushalayim.

 During the meeting, Clinton and Netanyahu tried to find ways of speedily advancing towards direct talks.

 The Israeli stance as presented is that Israel is willing to hold immediate direct negotiations and that the US administration should recognize that the Palestinians do not help advance the process, and on several occasions have even stalled it.

 After the meeting, Netanyahu met Vice President Joe Biden for dinner.

The prime minister is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama tomorrow for what was described by the White House spokesman as a “private meeting.”

{Ynet/Reuters/Yair Israel}


  1. #1
    Because these “friends” already embargoed very vital arms shipment to Israel.
    And so did just today perfidious Albion (England b’laa”s).

  2. Bibi stand firm on your peoples determination that Jerusalem has never been on the table for negotiations! If it is …then there is no ISRAEl left to talk about..and you will be a leader to none.

  3. He should instead be meeting with all the pro-Israel Senators rather than the Rosha Obama. Obama will be gone soon. The American people for the most part are strongly pro-Israel.

  4. Theres something called saving israel from an iranian attack with hishtadlus, has noone realised yet that this is only way to help israel survive an iranian attack through hishtadlus of course, and so the u.s. Who’s lobbying international support for the initial stage of a compelling embargo with teeth of course, well its not possible without a negotiated peace deal in eretz yisroel and everyone take a deep breath and allow bibi to accomplish this, at least through trying his best to protect as much as he could in yerushalyim and elsewhere lets bare in mind that sakunas nefushis overrides areas of land, and so since bibi aint no lefti, its pretty easy to assume, that we are dealing with a pikuach nefesh situation overhere

  5. Clinton said in 2007 that Jerusalem will never be divided. We now have the latest news that Britain is expelling a senior diplomat for clononing British passports in connection with Dubai.

  6. #5 – Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Rasha (“Wicked” for those who don’t know)

    We have a responsibility to show respect to our leaders. Disagreement can be constructive, but you are being destructive.

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