Netanyahu Links Palestinian Building in Area C to Recognition of Israeli Settlement Blocs


?????????????????????????????????Israel will not allow Palestinian projects in Area C, the West Bank territory under its control, unless Israel’s right to build in the settlement blocs is recognized, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday, according to Israeli diplomatic officials.

Netanyahu said that in any event, a restoration of calm is the first condition to any economic or security steps that Israel may take toward the Palestinians.

In practice, the civilian projects that the Palestinians are interested in will only be possible if the level of violence is lowered and Israel’s security needs are met.

{ Israel}


  1. The fact is he IS allowing PA building in area C. Just in the Maaleh adumim are there are over 1000 illegal Palestinian structures (funded by the EU) which the Israelis do not demolish even though there are demolition orders from the courts! Bibi stop the talk and start with some action! send in the bulldozers to 1000s of illegal arab buildings.

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