Netanyahu, Liberman: No Parole For Terrorists Serving Life Sentences


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Sunday he would thwart any early release of convicted terrorists amid reports that the IDF hopes to form a parole committee for Palestinians serving life sentences handed down by West Bank military courts.

“As long as I am defense minister, no terrorist will get a shortened sentence, not even by on hour,” Liberman tweeted.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed Liberman on Sunday, saying “I strongly oppose this (shortening the sentence)”. I know that this is also the position of the Defense Minister and, therefore, it will not happen.”

Their remarks contradict reports from Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth saying the IDF will soon announce details of an order to establish an advisory parole board.


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  1. “no terrorist will get a shortened sentence, not even by on hour” Yes, sure. These lies have been repeated by all Prime Ministers and Defense Ministers. Wait and see, these terrorists will be released in a month or so and Lieberman and Bibi will say innocently, “What can we do? The self-appointed-for-life pro-Arab Supreme Court of Injustice, rulers of the country, told us to release them. After all, we’re only their puppets and we have to follow their command. We have no choice.”

  2. Work easy Bibi. You seem to you own. I wonder why you did not become more like Ephraim and Manasseh. They might have had peace by now.

    I doubt I should go to visit.


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