Netanyahu: Khamenei’s Words Remind Us of Where We Live


ayatollah-ali-khameneiPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delieverd a terse retort Sunday to the threats issued Friday by Iran’s “supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and tied it to events in Syria.

“We have received a reminder about what kind of a neighborhood we live in,” Netanyahu said at the start of the Cabinet session. “We heard the Iranian ruler’s remarks about the elimination of Israel. We saw the Syrian army massacre its own people. We have seen other bloody events in our region. Leaders have no moral compunctions about killing -whether their neighbors or their own citizens.”

“In such a region, the only thing that ensures our existence, security and prosperity is our strength. We are obligated to continue to develop the military, economic and social strength of the State of Israel. This is also the only guarantee for the existence of peace and the only defense for Israel should the peace unravel.”

“Developing Israel’s strength is this Government’s main issue,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu has never led Israel in a time of war, but may soon find himself standing at the helm against the biggest military challenge Israel has faced in recent decades.

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  1. Please Mr Netanyahu do not fall into the Kochi Viotzem yodi pitfall. HASHEM YISBORACH controls the world. Daven, Daven and Daven !!! And then Daven more. We have to do and prepare but first and foremost daven and have betchon.

  2. This khomeini meshuganer looks like he could be someone’s zayde! Maybe he just needs a big hug – a cookie, some milk and a nice bed time story.

  3. …you could say that Netanyahu understands ‘al tiftachu bindivim’. Now he justs needs to work on the RIGHT place to put his trust… 🙂

  4. Avraham went to war to rescue Lot. Yaakov prepared for was with esav. Moshe led bnei yisrael against amalek and other tribes who sought our downfall. Yehoshua fought the canaanites. Shaul and dovid fought the plishtim. How about manning up and admitting it: fighting wars was commonplace back in antiquity for us jews. Its only in the modern era that charedim have become sissies and are afraid to concede this truth, and to keep on squaking “kochi votzem yadi.” Give us a break, girls. Bad enough you’re not real men; stop lying and misrepresenting our history, too.

  5. Dear Shmuel,
    Nobody denied our history’s wars but u must remember that in addition to building up strength, we must pray to G-D for success. If HE wills it, we can have that success. Nothing is too hard or too easy for Hashem and we must always keep our faith in Him. Now is a time to display peace and brotherly love among all us Jews. Religious or not, we are all brothers and sisters. name calling will only increase strife among our nation. Neither u benefit nor those whom u call names. You mentioned that Yaakov prepared for war against Esav. U left out the other part: he also prayed. Many holy works have written about how the world works measure for measure. If we show love to eachother, Hashem will show us His love and blessing. PLEASE don’t pick fights. WE all have different world views and don’t need to agree, but we must respect eachother!


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