Netanyahu: Israel Not Obligated by U.S. Peace Plan


abbas-kerry-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told the Institute for National Security Studies on Tuesday: “The Americans are establishing American positions – not Israeli. Israel does not have to accept these positions. The Palestinian state should be a demilitarized entity that recognizes the Jewish state.” “I don’t want another Iran-sponsored state that launches rockets and terror at us.

“The conflict is not about the territories or the settlements and it is not about a Palestinian state. The Zionist movement agreed at the time of the Partition Plan [in 1947] on a Palestinian country, but the conflict persists due to the stubborn opposition to acknowledge a Jewish state.”

Secretary of State John Kerry’s draft framework agreement for Middle East peace talks will include support for establishing a Palestinian capital in Arab areas of eastern Jerusalem, New York Times analyst Thomas Friedman wrote today.

Friedman, who is currently visiting Israel, said that Kerry’s framework document would present the core concessions that Washington considers Israelis and Palestinians need to make.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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