Netanyahu: Israel Maintains ‘Discreet’ Ties With Many Arab States


Major Arab countries “are changing their view of Israel,” Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told a visiting Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations leadership delegation in Yerushalayim this week.

“They don’t see Israel anymore as their enemy, but they see Israel as their ally, especially in the battle against militant Islam with its two fountainheads: the militant Islamists led by Iran, and the militant Islamists led by Daesh (Islamic State),” Netanyahu said, adding, “This is something that is forging new ties, many of them discreet, some of them open.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, “We have channels to talk with our Arab neighbors, the Sunni states…not just Jordan and Egypt, with which we have peace, the Gulf states and North African states too. The situation is sensitive. We cannot even shake hands in public.”





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