Netanyahu: Iran Responsible for 80 Percent of Israel’s Security Concerns


Iran is responsible for more than 80% of Israel’s security problems, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said Monday at a ceremony in the Foreign Ministry marking 25 years since the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Herb Keinon reports for the JPost.

Netanyahu said that it was clear from the very beginning that Iran was behind that bombing, which killed 29 people, including Israeli diplomats, and injured 250 more. “Iran initiated and planned it, and Hizbullah, which does what it [Iran] says, carried it out.”

{ Israel}


  1. How can that possibly be? New Jersey Democrat African American Senator, Cory Booker promised the American Jews that signing the deal Iran wouldn’t pose any threat to Israel whatsoever. Is Bibi now insinuating that Senator Booker was lying? Only the Democrats are pro Israel. Republicans are all evil white bigoted anti semitic racists that hate Israel like poison.


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