Netanyahu: ‘Iran Is Getting Everything, While Giving Up Almost Nothing’


netanyahuNuclear negotiations between Iran and the West have raised deep concerns in Israel that the talks are merely an Iranian ploy to buy time and dupe the West, and will lead to no tangible results.

At the start of today’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said he was worried “by the fact that Iran actually believes it will realize its plan to become a nuclear threshold state with untouched capabilities to enrich uranium and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, which it is continuing to do uninterrupted.”

“The combination of enrichment, weapons and launch capabilities means that Iran is getting everything without giving almost anything,” Netanyahu said. “A permanent agreement must not perpetuate this situation.”

“Iran must be rid of its produce or launch nuclear weapons. This has yet to be accomplished and without the insistence of world powers, it will not be accomplished. I hope that world powers will stand firm in the demand to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state.” Read more at ISRAEL HAYOM.

{ Israel}


  1. of course, cause you forgot the truth, you forgot that Hashem is on their side & gave them a mission to do.

    Iran is GOG & they will be the last ones to fight klal yisroel before mashiach comes.

  2. Complaints about unfair treatment bounce off the Americans and Europeans who are aiming to be unfair. What opinion leaders are even open to Israeli claims?


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