Netanyahu: Iran Has Enough Low-Grade Uranium For 5 Nuclear Bombs


netanyahuSecretary of State John Kerry downplayed hopes for a nuclear deal with Iran, as President Obama was to urge key senators to hold off deciding on new sanctions.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, meanwhile, said in an interview published today that Iran had enough enriched uranium to make five nuclear bombs.

The five permanent U.N. Security Council members — the United States Britain, France, Russia and China — plus Germany are to meet with Iran in a new round of talks in Geneva, Switzerland, starting Wednesday.

Netanyahu, escalating his lobbying effort against an interim deal, told German newspaper Bild Iran already possessed enough enriched uranium to make five nuclear bombs.

“The Iranians already have five bombs’ worth of low-enriched uranium,” he said in an interview published today.

“If you press the sanctions now, you might actually get a better deal,” he said. “If you have a bad diplomatic solution — what this appears to be — you actually may get the consequences you want to avoid. That is, you would have no choice but to exercise a military option in the future.”

{ Israel}


  1. A lot of mumbo jumbo. Who cares what keri says.
    Nu, so stop talking about it already and do something. Talk is cheap. The time has arrived for Israel to take out the nuclear reactors.

  2. It will happen but 3rd grader its not something to get excited about Israel can and will do it but it can also potentially cost a heavy price C”V


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