Netanyahu: Iran Got What it Wanted


netanyahuThe deal between the West and Iran regarding the latter’s nuclear program is a “bad” agreement, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s office said today.

“This is a bad agreement that gives Iran what it wanted: the partial lifting of sanctions while maintaining an essential part of its nuclear program,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

“The agreement allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium, leaves the centrifuges in place and allows it to produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon,” it continued.

“The accord did not lead to the dismantling of the Arak plant,” the heavy water reactor being built southwest of Tehran.

The statement concluded, “Economic pressure on Iran could have produced a much better agreement.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel}


  1. Mr. Netanyahu, the biggest obstacle to peace, and the greatest threat to the existence of the state of Israel is it’s secular lifestyle! The non enforcement of the Commandment of G_D! Not the enrichment of uranium, or Iran developing nuclear capability! Israel is suppose to be an example of holiness to the world, a nation of Priests. If Israel would move toward enforcement of the Commandment, re instating and enforcement of Sabbath Observance, removing all pagan influences from the land (which continues to circumvent the law of G_D), totally enforcing the Law of G_D; there would not be a power on earth that would prevail against the Nation of Israel!

    I am not against Israel’s existence, would I stand in opposition to is non enforcement of Torah! I stand with all who enforce the law of G_D! I would like the honor of addressing the Spiritual Leaders, Prime Ministers and Parliament! Of Course, I would need monetary assistance with air fare and hotel accommodations, as I am a man of modest means! Rabbi Samuel Hurt aka Levi Chevarim Hurt/facebook


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