Netanyahu Injured During Jewish-Arab Friendly Soccer Match


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s week of filimg for the international tourism TV show “The Royal Tour,” was unexpectedly put on hold on Monday, as Netanyahu injured his leg during a friendly soccer game.

After filming at Rosh Hanikra on Friday, Netanyahu brought the show’s host, Peter Greenberg to a soccer game between Jewish and Arab youth in Jerusalem. Netanyahu took the field in athletic apparel. While running on the grass, Netanyahu unexpectedly slipped and injured his leg.

Netanyahu’s participation on Greenberg’s show, on which Greenberg travels with heads of state to selected sites in their respective countries, is part of a Tourism Ministry project to encourage tourism in Israel.

The Prime Minister’s office reported that despite the injury, Netanyahu continued playing and even scored a goal. Upon returning home, Netanyahu was examined by an orthopedist, Dr. Leon Kaplan, who suspected that Netanyahu tore a tendon in his leg. Later that evening, Netanyahu underwent a CT scan at Hadassah University Hospital, on Mt. Scopus, which determined that Netanyahu indeed tore a tendon in his left leg.

The Prime Minister’s office stated that Netanyahu will have to wear a cast for several weeks. Netanyahu cancelled his schedule for the rest of the day, however plans on returning to his office on Tuesday. Plans for later in the week included Netanyahu taking Greenberg on a tour of Tel Aviv bars later this week, as well asclimbing Masada – which if it happens, will probably be done by cable car.

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. Prayers for Prime Minister Netanyahu. When he first decided on a career in politics he probably never imagined that one of the work hazards would be a sprain from playing soccer with some kids in the cause of peace. Such is public life…

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