Netanyahu: “I Won’t Agree To Make Gestures And Concessions To The Palestinians”


NETANYAHUIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu delivered a strong message to Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen ahead of his meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry. The Israeli Prime Minister clarified to the Americans that he has no intention to let the Palestinians achieve anything following this wave of terror and violence. Israel accused the Palestinian Authority of being responsible for the present wave of terror following the widespread incitement orchestrated by senior level PA officials.

The Israeli Government Press Office published a recent document highlighting examples of Palestinian incitement. In this document, it was reported that Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen stressed following this recent wave of terror, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. The Israelis have no right to desecrate the Al Aqsa Mosque with their filthy feet.” Official PA TV, which is run by the Palestinian Authority, declared following the murder of the Henkin couple, who were slaughtered in cold blood in front of their children just because they were Jewish, “This act is a national duty.” The Fatah organization has incited online to murder Israelis using syringes filled with poison and for women to perpetrate terror attacks.

It has been noted that social media has played a crucial role in influencing this present wave of violence. Within social media, the Israeli Government Press Office report noted that Palestinian anti-Israel activists have declared, “Tomorrow is stabbing day in all of Jerusalem and the West Bank. Stick your knife in the heart of your enemy.” It was also noted that Palestinian female terrorist Shorouq Dwayyat posted on Facebook right before she implemented her terror attack: “Mommy, I am going to be a martyr. Don’t cry for me when I become a martyr.”

Following this, Netanyahu stressed that there won’t be gestures or concessions given to the Palestinians. At the same time, Netanyahu is considering canceling his visit to Germany and planned meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry following the present wave of terror. Netanyahu stressed that in such a situation, Israel cannot agree to edicts equating Israelis and Palestinians under such a situation like this and Netanyahu plans to transfer this message to the US Secretary of State this week in his meeting if it will be held.

Similar messages were also delivered in the Israeli cabinet. Israeli Minister Yuval Steinitz strongly attacked Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen’s incitement: “Abu Mazen generates incitement and needs to stop it. The US can pressure the Palestinian Authority more in order to stop this terrible incitement of which elements remind us of Nazi incitement against the Jews. Abu Mazen engages in serious incitement. He is perhaps less involved in direct terror attacks than Arafat was but the level of incitement and anti-Semitism that he is responsible for is extreme. Abu Mazen is responsible for the blood that was spilled. Without educating for hatred from a young age, we would not witness this stabbing phenomenon.


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