Netanyahu: I Am Determined to Work With Obama to Renew Peace Talks


obama-netanyahu1Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu pledged today to work alongside President Barack Obama to find a way to renew frozen peace talks with the Palestinians.

Responding to Obama’s efforts to ease tensions with Israel in a speech to the AIPAC pro-Israel lobby group, over policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which the U.S. leader presented last week, Netanyahu issued a statement saying:

“I would like to express my appreciation of President Obama’s speech before the AIPAC conference,” he said. “I am a partner to President Obama’s wish to promote peace and I appreciate his efforts in the past and present to achieve this goal. I am determined to work with President Obama to find ways to renew peace talks.”

In his speech before AIPAC, Obama clarified Sunday his message from last Thursday’s Mideast speech, emphasizing his belief that negotiations should be based on 1967 borders with mutually agreed swaps, but not be identical to the lines which existed on June 4, 1967.

Obama stressed that a solution based on 1967 borders reflects a long-standing U.S. policy that has simply not been made public as of yet. He said his call for a future Palestine based on the 1967 borders with agreed upon land swaps was a public expression of what has long been acknowledged privately.

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. He is simply lying. No other president except carter ever dreamed that israel should go back to 67 and carter wants the israelis in the water. I’m sure this will become clear in the next few days.

    At least his stripes are now showing and everyone can see Obama’s hatred for israel.

  2. He [Obama] said his call for a future Palestine based on the 1967 borders with agreed upon land swaps was a public expression of what has long been acknowledged privately.

    How dumb does the President think we are? And Bibi pursue peace but do not cave with half hearted backtracking by Mr, Obama

  3. mr obama loves am israel therefore he works day and night how to resolve the peace problem. for sure it is no easy task. no democrat or republican has ever had such a great idea with exeption of echud barak when he wanted to split yerushalayim. so from barak obama to echud barak there are no great differences, just that one isn`t called antisemite because he is jewish and the other is hated because of three things. that he aint jewish and even worse a cushy. that he isn`t republican and that he isn`t in favor of the racist state of is true that there can`t be peace as long as the state of israel exists in its current form (phissicly and spiritually).there can`t be two sides claiming the same country. one has got to leave if he doesn`t want to abandone his way of arrogant thinking.the palis were born there, most israelis claim that their forefathers were given the land from Hashem a couple of thound years ago as an inheritance by contract (the Torah).so who has the right for this land ?? if all the nations that ever lived in a country could claim land than there would be no country and if you say that the right for the country is the Torah ,then why wasn`t the state founded on Torah and Mitzwot. can i enforce/claim a contract that was signed on the condition that i should keep the Torah ?
    even if the vast mayorety on this country are against Torah ? aren`t we worse than the palis ? we want the country but we don`t want to obey Hashem ?
    so for the sake of peace the israeli state should overthink their position since they have no right for eretz israel. the onliest way for us to be on eretz israel is when we keep Torah we-mitzwot. otherwise go back to the the borders of 67 or found your nonjewish jewish state in Uganda.

  4. Some one should tell Pres. Obama, maybe the U.S. should go back to the Civil war time &
    make the Black people slaves again.


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