Netanyahu Hits Back At Erdogan: Two Million Arabs In Israel Enjoy Equal Rights


After being accused of “blatant racism” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Tuesday night by calling Erdogan a “dictator that jails journalists” in his country.

“Turkey’s dictator Erdogan attacks Israel’s democracy while Turkish journalists and judges fill his prisons. What a joke! In Israel, no one is a second-class citizen. Israel is a democracy in which all Israelis, including our nearly 2 million Arab citizens, enjoy equal individual rights,” Netanyahu responded on Twitter.

“But Israel is also the one and only Jewish state, with a Star of David on our flag, Hatikvah our national anthem, Hebrew our official language and where a Law of Return gives every Jew around the world the right to return to our ancestral homeland,” the Israeli Prime Minister concluded.

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