Netanyahu Gift Recounts Persian Plot to Kill Jews – Yes, a Megillah


obama-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu likes to draw on history to dramatize the threats the Jewish people have faced throughout the ages.

So the “coincidence” that he was discussing the Iranian nuclear threat with U.S. leaders on the eve of a Yom Tov celebrating the Jewish people’s rescue from annihilation in ancient Persia was not lost on good old Bibi.

The Israeli leader told reporters on Monday that he presented President Barack Obama with a Megillas Esther, the story of the tzadeikes who foiled a plot to destroy the empire’s Jews.

Netanyahu didn’t say why he gave Obama the Megillah.

He didn’t have to.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Trouble is, he’s trying to impress upon a faithless, selfish, egomaniac. My only hope is that if this is indeed a kosher Megillah, that it’s treated respectfully.

  2. I guess tomorrow night humun will be receiving even more condemnation, bangs, and noises, this time out of the white house. Obhaman no worries, anybody whoever started up with our nation ended up with a miserable end.

  3. This is stupid. I watched the video of them together this week. Obama couldn’t care less about the destruction of Israel. What is the point of giving him a Megillah?


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