Netanyahu Family Studies Tanach


Participating in the opening session of a new Knesset lobby group founded by Likud MK Yehuda Glick to encourage the study of Tanach, Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu’s wife, Sarah, spoke of her family’s link to such studies. She noted that her father, Shmuel Ben-Artzi, was first and foremost a Tanach scholar and teacher, and said that three of her brothers won prizes in Israel’s annual Tanach contest, as did her son, Avner, when he only fifteen years old.

“Every Shabbos, when my son Avner comes for a weekend from the army or for a short Shabbos, he sits with his father, the prime minister, and together they learn the weekly parshah, the haftorah and Pirkei Avos,” she said. “My son Yair often participates with them in learning, and for me this is the most beautiful thing in our family. In this way, I remember the Shabbos in our home in Tivon with my Mom and Dad and my brothers when they studied the Tanach.

“When I see my children learn with their father, I remember my Dad fondly and know that his legacy lives on and continues from generation to generation,” she added.

{ Israel News}


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