Netanyahu Expresses Sorrow Over Petirah of Vizhnitzer Rebbe zt”l


netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today expressed his sorrow over the petirah of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Rav Moshe Yehoshua Hager zt”l, whose passing was first reported in the English chareidi media here on last night.

The Rebbe passed away last night at his home in Bnei Brak. After Ger, Vizhnitz is considered the largest chassidus in Eretz Yisroel.

“We have lost a dear man, an exemplar, a great leader, one who led one of the largest and most important communities in the Jewish world, Vizhnitzer chassidim. He has thousands of students who will carry on his legacy for generations to come. Having devotedly led thousands of people, his passing is a major loss for chareidim and for the entire Jewish People,” Netanyahu said.

The Rebbe was 95.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Yes Bibi should emulate the ways of great tzaddikim like this and follow Torah properly much less being a national leader he can have more of an effect in a lot of ways then the Rebbe did.Does not matter sooner or later I say sooner Torah Israel shall arise anyway.So Bibi you can make history or be in the dustpan of it.

  2. I am putting together an article about the Rebbe to be published in a major periodical. If anyone has any personal stories or recollection they want to share about the Rebbe, please email Be sure to provide your full name and number for verification purposes if necessary. Thank you


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