Netanyahu Expresses Regret At Litzman’s Resignation


Shabbos is important to the government, as are the “needs of all citizens of Israel, including the need for safe and continuous transportation,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting, adding he regretted Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman’s decision to resign from the government.

Netanyahu said that Litzman, who presented his letter of resignation to the cabinet Sunday because of work the Israel Railways performed on Shabbos, “is an excellent health minister and has done a great deal for the health” of the country’s citizens.

The prime minister added that all members of the coalition are interested in the continued existence of this government, and that he believes “an intelligent” solution will be found to the latest government crisis.

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  1. It is true! Netanyahu speaks the truth. And he acknowledges the quality input this individual has provided. I’m disappointed in the decision! To me it seems this could have been avoided and an amicable alternative resolution could have found!
    There were no winners! The work will continue thus nothing was accomplished.

  2. Mr. Netanyahu, are you the PM of a JEWISH country or is Israel no different than any other non-Jewish country in the world? Do you really believe that a continuous transportation is more important to Hashem than Shabbos? “An intelligent” solution would be to follow Hashem’s Torah and His Shabbos. Transportation is not Pekuach Nefesh, not matter of life or death, that you have desecrate Shabbos for?

  3. Bibi Netanyahu, is transportation also one of the 10 commandments that you have to decide “intelligently” which one to ignore?


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