Netanyahu: Every Single Fire Caused By Arson is Terror Act


“Every blaze in Israel sparked by arson is an act of terror and we will treat it in that manner,” Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told reporters today in Haifa.

Netanyahu went to the city to examine the damage wrought by the fires destroying certain residential areas.

“Those who attempt to set ablaze segments of Israel will be prosecuted to the full reach of the law,” Bibi said, also thanking firefighters who are expended “maximum effort” to save lives.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The fires are caused because of chillul Shabbos. So states the gemorah. Haifa is known for the worst chillul Shabbos as its public busses operate on Shabbos. No shabbos no peace

    • The Gemarrah also states (Bava Basra 12b) that since the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed, prophecy was given to children and the insane.

      I assume you’re not a child, therefore…

      • You dont have to be a prophet to quote and reference the Gemara.but you have to be a,rasha to rebuke your brother that way!.
        Reality check Mr.

  2. This is not prophecy. Prophecy is the future. Carmel fire several years ago was same story. You can’t spit on Shabbos and get away. Just as Sodom was destroyed for being toieva.

  3. Talmud tractate gemorah Shabbos 119: states wherever there is chillul Shabbos there is prone to fire. Haifa is big time mechael shabbos


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