Netanyahu: “Enough with the Exile Mentality”


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Monday afternoon made remarks at a ceremony launching a new economic and social development program in the Galilee city of Maalot, responded to criticism of his response to the UN Security Council resolution.

The following is the text of his remarks, courtesy of Arutz Sheva:

“This morning I read in several newspapers that the aggressive stand I took with the countries that voted against us has been accepted. Israel is a country with national pride, and we do not turn the other cheek. Our response was rational, resolute, and responsible. It was the natural response of a healthy country which makes clear that the United Nation’s action is not acceptable to us.

“There is an ongoing importance to our response, even if there’s another attempt or two to hurt us in the coming month. But there is no substitute for a resolute response since it creates the basis for different treatment later. To describe our protest as a world war is ridiculous.”

“Enough of this exile (mentality). There is no political wisdom to being obsequious. Not only were our relations with the countries of the world not hurt by this event, but they will actually improve over time. Countries respect strong states that stand on their own and do not respect weak states that are obsequious and bow their heads. Israel under my leadership is a strong, proud country. We will continue to defend our country and we will continue to develop our country.”


  1. Matzav,
    Whether or not his Kefira should be reported at all may be a discussion, but at least you don’t have SCREAM it from the headline!

  2. I like it her in gulos. We have kosher, educaietn, big spaoius shils, and resteranuts. We don’t need a pm to make feel bad. Like in hebrayish abi gezintt.

  3. I believe all the comments here are misunderstanding what Netanyahu is saying.
    Let me preface that I in no stretch of the imagination believe in this so-called Medina. However netanyahoo was not responding to the fact that we are in galus. He made be a kofer but that has nothing at all to do with this particular speech of his. What he’s talking about is how to respond to what was done on Friday. In that respect he’s right

  4. The irony of course is that the tziyonim wanted to make a state like all other states so the Jew would not be hated as much. But now Israel is still as isolated as the Yid in Golus ever was. Don’t get me wrong. I am a great supporter of Israel and Netanyahu, but I still don’t forget that the mentality and hashkafa of the tziyonim is all wrong and reflects the “kochi veotzen yadi” predicted in the Torah..


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