Netanyahu Condemns Hate Crime At Ramat Hasharon Shul


Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the unknown assailants who left a pig’s head at the entrance to a synagogue in a Ramat Hasharon shul on Friday.

“I strongly condemn the criminal act that took place last Friday at the entrance to the Sukkat Shaul shul in Ramat Hasharon. The security forces will find those responsible and bring them to justice,” said Netanyahu on Saturday night before heading to Paris.

“We will not tolerate such despicable behavior towards shuls and religious institutions in the State of Israel.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I can just see Netanyahu wagging a warning finger no-no-no to the criminals and by the time he’ll be back from Paris, all forgotten. Netanyahu is known for all talk no action and the leftists who were no doubt behind it will never be brought to justice as they’re above the law.


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