Netanyahu Calls ‘Crisis’ Likud Party Meeting Less Than 24-hours Before Election


Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened what he called a “crisis meeting” with members of his Likud party on Sunday morning, warning them that the fate of the right-wing government could be threatened if the faction does not win the most votes at the ballot box on April 9.

Netanyahu told political allies that he does not believe that Likud has safely secured the majority vote necessary for it to be mandated with the task of forming the next government, and claimed that Israel’s media was attempting to “put Likud voters to sleep.”

“We do not have 61 recommendations — the biggest party is what matters,” he said. “It’s not spin, it’s real. We have to narrow the gap, and I tell you that if it does not happen, Yair Lapid will be prime minister.”

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  1. The collective Right Had a massive opportunity to the hard-working masses And show movement The very last day Even if they blew it till now
    The Perennial issue of at least one sunday off every couple months
    quality of life
    Rising cost of living
    haven’t been addressed

    Also the old right was about a roaring Good feeling and pride in being National


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