Netanyahu Apologizes For ‘Mizrachi Gene’ Remark


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is trying to clean up a mess created after, during a meeting of coalition party leaders on Thursday, he was asked by Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon, who is of Libyan decent, why he called for a six-month delay of the scheduled April opening of the new public broadcaster, to which Netanyahu answered “my Mizrachi gene acted up,” seemingly attributing his rash decision to this stereotype, the Times of Israel reports.

This caused an uproar, forcing Netanyahu to respond and apologize.

“I apologize for my remarks yesterday. I had no intention of harming anyone,” he wrote on Twitter on Erev Shabbos. “I am connected with all my heart to every ethnic group in Israel and admire their tremendous contributions to the heritage of our nation and the building of our land.”


{ Israel News}


  1. What he said isn’t objectionable, as I see it! If he had said the reverse, אולי!
    Much ado about nothing!


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