Netanyahu Angers Polish PM By Flouting Poland’s Holocaust Law


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu mocked Poland’s controversial Holocaust censorship law on Thursday, publicly flouting the law during a state visit to Warsaw.

“Poles collaborated with the Nazis,” said Netanyahu in Warsaw Thursday. “See, I’m saying it. It is a fact. And I don’t know a single person who was ever sued because of it.”

Netanyahu added that the issue of Poland’s Holocaust censorship law was raised during his meeting with Polish Premier Mateusz Morawiecki.

In response, Kan reported, Prime Minister Morawiecki’s office released a statement calling Netanyahu’s comments “surprising”.

“In German-occupied Poland there was no Polish regime – a great misunderstanding regarding the conditions of the war. Both the Poles and Jews were savagely murdered by the Germans. Polish soldiers fought every day of WWII for the freedom and life of all nations.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. What an idiotic thing to pick a fight over.

    The Polish PM happens to be technically correct. There was no Polish regime so Poland as a sovereign country did not collaborate with the Nazis.

    But as individuals a very large percent did so to the best of their ability. Even though the Nazis were killing them too


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