Netanyahu And Rivlin Refuse To Meet With Jimmy Carter


jimmy-carterIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin have turned down invitations to meet with former US President Jimmy Carter during his upcoming visit to Israel over his “anti-Israel” views.

Both the president and prime minister declined the invitations after consulting with the Foreign Ministry and the National Security Council.

A senior diplomatic official told Channel 10, which broke the news, that Carter is “a disaster for Israel,” and that all Israeli leaders should refrain from meeting the former president, due to his “anti-Israel positions.”

The official was also quoted as saying that while Netanyahu and Rivlin refused to meet with him, Israel had approved Carter’s request to visit the Gaza Strip.

Carter will reportedly arrive sometime in the next 10 days for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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  1. Just because he called Israel “Apartheid”?
    So what if he justified suicide bombings vs. civilians in his book, he later said that he “Didn’t mean it like that”.

  2. Good for them.
    He doesn’t deserve it.
    He’s a vociferous antisemite and no meeting will change it!
    Ignore him! should also!!

  3. In Jimmy Carter’s mind, all problems in the world emanate from the “Israeli-Palestinian issue”: Anti-Semite posture #1.

    In Jimmy Carter’s mind, how does this “Israeli-Palestinian problem” get resolved? Israel must make all the concessions (Kind of like Obama and the Ayatollah): Anti-Semite posture #2.

    BTW — Hillary would not be any different than Carter in this view.

  4. Negativity is not goong to win.

    Hashem keeps Mr. Carter in this world long enough for the future to be decided by the forces that do not support his agenda.

    I have faith that Torah will prevail.

    As always the times are harrowing.

    Torah has always prevailed.

    Netanyahu has his role in history.

    I do not dispute that nany have chosen to be antizionist. I can not see this as how Torah has constructed our universe.

    Time will show that Carter did not stand and Torah gave Israel as place to live.

    All hope is with the State of Israel.

    If we think G-d is not going to send messiah because a jew was sovereign in the holy land, we have forgotten that G-d is sovereign.

    Our goal as jews is to wait on Torah. The rest will follow.

  5. he is a vicious anti-Semite and he unfortunately made the whole Palestinian arab false storyline and Israel-hatred acceptable in the U.S. I will rejoice when he finally reaches the gehinnom he so richly deserves

  6. Hilary is Worse then the peanut farmer! CaRTer is a nuisance he will be runing around like a chicken without a head til he …. We just gotta make sure Hillary is not gonna be our next president

  7. While he’s in Gaza, they should rescind his passport and let him stay there permanently.
    BTW, whatever came of his brother Billy and his eponymous beer?


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