Netanyahu and Obama to Meet Next Month at White House


obama-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will meet with President Barack Obama next month at the White House during a multi-faceted trip to the United States, the prime minister confirmed today, speaking to reporters at the end of a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset faction in Yerushalayim.

Netanyahu said that the trip “has four objectives – first and foremost Iran.” He said he and Obama would discuss the Iranian nuclear program.

“Iran continues to object to any dismantling of its (uranium) enrichment capability – not even a single centrifuge,” Netanyahu said in public remarks to legislators from his party.

Iran, he said, “has not changed a single aspect of its policy; it violates human rights; assists with and organizes massacres for the Assad regime; arms terrorist organizations; conspires against a great many nations. It’s greatest provocation has been to send warships (into the Atlantic).”

The prime minister also said that he and the president would discuss the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, adding that he would reinforce Israel’s stance on the issue.

“We stand by our demands – (Palestinian) renunciation of the right of return, security arrangements, (Palestinian) recognition of the Jewish state,” he said.

The third purpose of the visit, Netanyahu said, was to promote Israel’s economy, primarily in the technology sector. For that reason, his visit would include a trip to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, where he was to meet with Israeli business leaders. Finally, in Los Angeles, he would attend a viewing of a film promoting tourism in Israel. Read more at Ynet Israel.

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