Netanyahu And Litzman Reach Compromise Over Shabbos Policy


Prime Minister Netanyahu managed to reach a deal with Charedi factions in his government regarding policy on Shabbos, averting a potential coalition crisis.

Matters came to a head Sunday, when MK Litzman, on the advice of the Gerrer Rebbe, resigned from the his position as Health Minister in protest in protest of 100 or so Jewish employees having conducting maintenance on a railway line in Israel’s Negev region this past Shabbos.

According to the agreement as reported by Hadashot News, mini-markets in the largely secular city of Tel Aviv will be allowed to remain open on the Sabbath, and league soccer games will be permitted to take place on Saturdays as well. Maintenance work for the  railway system will take place as well.

Minister of Labor and Welfare, Haim Katz will assume responsibility for decision-making on public work projects that are performed on Shabbos, while taking into consideration traditional Jewish values, the welfare of the worker and disruption of public life. Meanwhile, Litzman will operate as the health minister while holding the title as Deputy Health Minister.

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  1. This whole resigning shtick was all a publicity stunt. The policy that the Minister of Labor and Welfare must take into account jewish values was always there. It isn’t romething new! It’s just a continuation of the long running feud between Ger and Bnei Brak. By resigning, Litzman made a fool out of the reps from Degel Hatorah by making it look likd he cares about Shabbos more.

  2. The shameful Shabbos desecration in the JEWISH land is continuing as before. What exactly did he compromise on? Is it a higher salary?

    • Litzman and his fellow Haredi members of the Knesset will not dare bring down the government.

      It is a well-known fact that if new elections are held, the Yesh Atid Party, headed by Yair Lapid, will head the government and not form a coalition with any Haredi parties.

      • Even if Yair Lapids party would win more seats, he would have to include some of the frum parties. He wont take the arabs!

  3. And what about the toaiva parade that goes thru Yerushalayim ir hakodesh? Does that bother ANY of the chareidi knesset members?

    • The toaiva parades in Eretz HaKodesh does not bother the Haredi MK’s as much as the thought of new elections, which will probably exclude them from the new Coalition, and the ma$$ive lo$$ of funding their Yeshiva$ and Kollel$.

    • You don’t understand, by stopping the toeivah parades we are essentially forcing our values on the chilonim pushing them further away from torah and mitzvos. It’s going to hurt the kiruv movement.

        • I was not serious, but that is exactly what the Yated (Israel) wrote to explain the inaction of the frum knesset members with regard to the chilul shabbos. I’m not kidding! Check it up yourself!
          By the way, that approach reminds me of the reform movements approach. As in to give in on certain mitzvos in order to make judiasm more attractive, and be mekarev more yidden. Here they are saying lets not fight for kovod shabbos (or giyus banim and giyus banos for that matter) because its going to hurt the kiruv movement.

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