Netanyahu And Bennett Come To Blows At Cabinet Meeting On Settlement-Related Law


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett came to blows on Sunday at the weekly cabinet meeting over a bill that would legitimize under Israeli law an academic college in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

Apparently the two statesmen yelled and pointed fingers at one another, as Netanyahu derisively suggested that he quit after becoming disgruntled over Bennett’s efforts to push the bill through hastily.

“Why are you acting like this? It breaks coalition discipline,” Netanyahu rebuked.  “If you want to quit, then just quit.”

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  1. Torah. Jews get it.

    Netanyahu fights. Bennett drums. For what? Redemption? No, neither looks remotely redeemed.

    This is a drum beat for blood and anger to just hold the land. Where is redemption? Should I even hear the premier has issues with basic kosher?

    Mad houses. They rely on USA for $$$. We rely on yiddishkeit for our families. We battle antisemitism just to keep kosher. Where is their Torah contribution?

    It could be huge.


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