Netanyahu, Alone, but Undaunted, Presses Case Against Iran


netanyahu1Bibi Netanyahu, the son of a historian, often tells his inner circle that “people have a historical memory that goes back to breakfast.” Netanyahu has recently tried to focus the world on the Iranian nuclear program, using ancient texts, Holocaust history and a 2011 book by Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani

Six major world powers convene next week to negotiate on the nuclear issue with Iran’s new leadership.

Meanwhile, increasingly alone abroad and at home, where he has lost several trusted aides and Cabinet colleagues, Netanyahu – to his credit – has argued that if people would just study the facts, they would surely side with him. Read more at the New York Times, whose report is somewhat biased against Netanyahu, but which reveals Netanyahu’s clarity when the rest of the world seems blind to the obvious.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s not that they don’t hear; they (the Untied Nations, et al) don’t WANT to hear.
    Read,”A Divine Madness” and see history about to repeat itself – except that this time HKB will bring Moshiach to the attention of all- see Yeheskel… May it be soon…

  2. Perhaps Mr Netanyahu should institute a daf a day in Gemara study w his staff…perhaps then Hashem will help Mr Prime Minister be heard and helped.


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