Netanyahu Again Ranked Among 10 People Americans Admire Most


For the second year in a row and the third year overall, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made Gallup’s annual top 10 list of the world’s most admired men.

The Israeli leader came in ninth place, with 1 percent of Americans saying they viewed him as the man living anywhere in the world who they admire most.




    • You’re right! They’re runner up to CNN.
      These polls are taken between liberals only as can be see in comment #2 with Obama, his wife Michelle and Hillary Clinton the most admired man and women in women. LOL!

  1. This Gallop Poll with Trump second to Despised-Obama and Hillary rating at 36% (when only 15% voted for her last year) is nothing but nonsense! Shtuyot!

  2. Bibi. Smart. More to hope but right for his job.

    Bombers do not lie.

    Big role. We can think and thank Hashem that Israel can find strength in a party that works. Likud is smart.

    Well is always military. Bibi can be right.

    Make it real.


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