Netanyahu After Four People Killed in South: Prepare for Long Campaign


netanyahu1Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed Israeli citizens on live television Monday evening after Hamas fired a mortar shell that killed four people in southern Israel, Arutz Sheva reports.

“We knew that we would have difficult days,” he said. “This is a hard and painful day.”

“Patience and determination are required in order to fight a terror organization that seeks to destroy us,” the prime minister added. “We will not complete the operation without neutralizing the tunnels whose only purpose is to annihilate our children and our civilians.

“The action against the tunnels is the first step in demilitarizing Gaza. The discussion about demilitarizing Gaza must be a part of any solution, and the international community must demand this with fervor, instead of letting money that enters Gaza to reach Hamas, and allowing concrete that enters to be used in tunnels.

“There must be an end to this,” Netayahu said. “It is unacceptable the citizens of Israel will live underthreat of death. Killing from above and killing from below. We must be prepared for a prolonged campaign,” he stressed. “We shall continue to act with determination unil we achieve our goals.”

{ Israel}


  1. Please say and read Tehillim 140. Dovid Hamalech vividly describes this war, He uses the word Chamas 4 times in the kapital

  2. Let him not be distracted this time by international pressure from those who do not have the best interest and safety of Israel at heart.

  3. May HKB”H watch over and protect all of Am Yisroel. May the wicked evil media that fans the flames of Hate against Am Yisroel be underlie destroyed!


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