Netanyahu Accepts Kerry’s “Framework” In Principle, Seeks Publication Delayed To Knesset Recess


kerry-netanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has informed the White House in Washington and US Secretary of State John Kerry of his acceptance in principle of the US framework document – subject to the reservations he has raised with US Special Envoy Martin Indyk, DEBKAfile’s exclusive Washington sources report.

This step was followed by news that the prime minister would call on President Barack Obama in the first week of March during his next visit to Washington.
It was also the background to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer’s defense of the US Secretary in an interview published in TIME Magazine Tuesday, Feb. 11.
Kerry’s comment about boycott and international isolation hanging over Israel if his peace mission failed was denounced in Jerusalem as attempted intimidation. However, Dermer let him off the hook by saying: “I think he was making a descriptive statement. I don’t think he was doing it in order to pressure Israel.”
By overstating the ambassador’s role as “Bibi’s brain,” TIME was hinting that Dermer’s comment represented the prime minister’s current thinking on the incident.

In the exchanges leading up to the Obama-Netanyahu meeting, the prime minister’s office and Israel embassy have asked the White House and State Department to delay publication of the Kerry document to mid-April during the Knesset’s Passover recess. This will help Netanyahu to stay clear of the rowdy debates and heated special sessions he expects to erupt over his acceptance of the paper.

The Secretary of State may therefore add a few weeks to the three-way negotiating time table and release his framework accord at the end of April or early May.

Read more at DEBKA FILE.

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  1. Bye bye kotel, bye bye eastern portion of Yerushalaim, ramat eshkol, french hill etc. Hello terrorists you have carte blanche to do as you wish

  2. IT HAS BEEN NOTEDseveral years ago that most of ‘debka’ reports are complete fabrication.

    Now this report may just be true based on previous actions by by not only BiBi but all other leaders since sharon A’H’

    Because of the Israeli politicans is why the JEWS REMAIN JEWS IN BROOKLYN NY…
    Until Mashiach is announced, until I hear Mashiach Ben Yosef…UNTIL I HAVE THE INNER CALL TO MAKE MY ALITAH…I AM SAFER IN BROOKLYN
    where I know the schwarma is kosher and the kosher salt was not repacked with goy salt….

    #2 Yehuda, I agree with you but Yehuda…
    YEHUDA…how can we be so sure we deserve an elevation now based on how collectively we live.Even individually…what do we deserve?
    Are we improving our knowledge of Torah in treating each other with respect and not arrogance…..

    Terrorist and latent terrorist *ARE8 doing as they wish right now anyway?

    xtians are missionizing all over Israel and everywhere… Everything can be considered a test to us….I PRAY FOR HEAVENLY STRENGTH TO ENDURE THIS INSANITY IN THE WORLD…..

  3. There’s a difference between US agreements with Iran and those with Israel these days.

    With Iran, the US gives whatever it promised and more, and winks at Iranian noncompliance.

    With Israel, the US actually gives nothing at all and will insist on total Israeli compliance.

    We’re at the point where “atzmaut” is becoming only rhetorical.


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