Nes In Yerushalayim: Terrorist Drops His Knife, Gets Scared Off


A miracle happened yesterday at the Super Pharm Mall in Jerusalem. A terrorist attack that almost went unnoticed – until a security guard went through the surveillance cameras.

In the footage you can see an Arab taking a knife out of his pocket seemingly ready to begin a stabbing spree. Something seems to startle the would be murderer and he drops his knife. The bad start to his attack appears to get him scared, and the terrorist is seen returning the knife to his pocket and walking off.

Authorities are working to identify the man while security is working to learn how the man managed to slip a knife through the mall metal detectors.



  1. Oh please. How can you prove he wanted to stab someone? First of all, the foldable knife is tiny. He was staring at the lady. Big deal. He was trying to make a pass at her. This is overreaching.

    • Open a knife while trying to conceal it. Near a human being. Is called an act of deliberate terror and a single shot would suffice.

    • You’re kidding right? There is no other reason for an Arab to be getting out a knufe.The lady should bentsch gomel!

  2. Anon- the Rabbi said the earthquake was caused by drafting charedim into army, how do you know that tzniyus caused this and not the army issue?

  3. if you watch this carefully you can see her talking to him. she doesn’t look afraid or anything. they were definitely talking to each other. maybe they were shopping together.

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