Nephew: George W. Bush May Vote Hillary


George W. Bush may join his father, George H.W. Bush, in voting for Hillary Clinton over Republican pick Donald Trump, the former president’s nephew said Tuesday evening. According to the Associated Press, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush told a small GOP crowd in San Marcos that his uncle may “potentially” go for the Democratic nominee over his own party’s nominee.

When asked for clarification by the AP, the younger Bush said he was only “speculating” and had not directly heard how Georges W. and H.W. plan to vote. Several months ago, however, it was reported that the elder Bush president planned to cast his ballot for Clinton, based on claims by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Read more at POLITICO.



  1. Who cares what the Bush’s do or don’t do? Who are they? Besides for enriching themselves on the backs of others, they have contributed NOTHING to the masses!

  2. Good for the Bushs (that pluralization looks funny, but I believe it’s correct). Even though Trump will have the “R” next to his name, it’s nice to see people still capable of principled thought rather than simply voting robotically.

    P.S. – FYI, Charles Krauthammer and George Will won’t be voting for Trump, either.

  3. Bushes are the representatives of the RINO Republican wing of the Establishment Party. Clintons are from the Establishment Party’s Democratic wing. The Establishment Party comes first; D or R doesn’t matter when an outsider such as Trump dares to challenge the established rule of the elites.

  4. “they have contributed NOTHING to the masses!”
    easy on the communist rhetoric. It isnt the governemnts role to “contribute to the masses”

  5. Show me a good man who likes Trump and I will show you an eager lost mind.

    They are not humane and they are indeed deplorable. I guess our previous presidents have indeed more sense.

    Its not a conspiracy. Its a hate conspiracy. Its that bad.

    Hillary is smart and we will likely hope this hate settles down. Do we really need more hate antisemitism and terror in America? Clearly not.

    This is bad.

  6. I like the Bushes, I was very turned off when Trump mocked them but I see their reactions as opposite to what I knew them to be.


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