Neo-Nazis March Through Berlin With Police Protection


Hundreds of neo-Nazis waving flags with the colors of the German Reich marched through central Berlin, protected from counter-protesters by police in riot gear.

The far-right protesters wore white shirts to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the death of high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess and carried banners with slogans such as “I regret nothing.”

A Berlin police spokesman that stones and bottles were thrown at some of the far-right protesters, but couldn’t immediately say how many people were injured.

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  1. Exactly what America would look like had Hillary ch”v become President or if any Democrat chas veshalom becomes President in 2020.

      • Hey 12:33am, did you denounce beating up your wife? Why should you, you never beat up your wife, you’ll say. Neither did Trump have anything to do with nazis. Let your DemonRatic party distance itself from nazis. After all, it always was the DemonRatic progressives of prior generation that supported white racism, eugenics and fascism. It is the DemonRatic progressives of today that support islamic imperialism and black racism.

  2. Torah gone. Merkel ahead of the day. Women at rule to their pants.

    What more? Social unrest.

    A fit that can not fit.

      • I can not fix the moon or your wrong boast. Perhaps you can visit Rachel’s Tomb and ask the deceased how they can help you browse online. I think you can obviously disturb the dead for your proud Random Hate Mock. Thanks.

  3. Well, we just learned how in milkhemes rishoos, that “victory” is questionable if follow-up is weak. RASAG (SH”m) and Rashi confirm the p’shat. No metaphors here. No exceptions in our or Velt history.

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