Neighbors’ Tips Lead to Arrest of Alleged Drug Dealer in Lakewood



lakewood-policeA two-week investigation spurred by complaints to police about suspected drug dealing led to the arrest of one man and the seizure of $6,000 worth of drugs, including more than an ounce of cocaine, 285 bags of heroin and one-and-a-half pounds of marijuana, police said.

A search warrant obtained by the Lakewood Police Street Crimes Unit was executed at about 8 p.m. Friday on Prospect Street., said Detective Sgt. John Stillwell.

The Lakewood Police Special Response Team entered the apartment and “surprised” the resident, Derrick Parrish, 27, who was later charged with drug possession and distribution offenses, Stillwell said. Police also seized about $600 in cash.

“When the team made entry he was very surprised,” Stillwell said.

Parrish was charged with possession of the heroin, cocaine and marijuana, possession of each drug with the intent to distribute and possession of each drug with the intent to distribute in a school zone.

Police were alerted to Parrish’s alleged drug activity after receiving multiple anonymous complaints about suspected drug activity in the apartment complex, Stillwell said.

“We had received complaints from neighbors regarding suspicious activity going on in that complex because there was a lot of traffic,” Stillwell said. “We received multiple anonymous phone calls.”

Police also seized a digital scale and packaging materials. Parrish was taken into custody without incident, Stillwell said.

He remained at Ocean County Jail, Toms River, in lieu of $90,000 bail.

 {APP/ Newscenter}


  1. The police might have proven themselves heros, but really they were not acting too smart;this drug dealer couldn’t be that important if he doesn’t even have $90,000 for his own bail (for someone dealing in drugs ,that’s probally peanuts). The police should have used him to get to the higher up drug dealers who are now simply going to find another joe-shmo to distribuate the drugs for them.


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