Nearly 3,000 Measles Vaccinations Administered In Lakewood Since The Outbreak Began


More than 2,800 vaccines have been administered at CHEMED health center in Lakewood since the outbreak started, according to center chief operating officer Mark Berkowitz.

Brian Rumpf of the Ocean County Health Department said 12,400 doses of vaccines were shipped to the county since the outbreak began on Oct. 24.

Some of the township’s more than 130 schools have turned away students who have not received vaccinations, which the state health department confirmed is legal when there is a declared outbreak.

Richard Roberts, a former pharmaceutical company executive, political donor and philanthropist who lives in Lakewood, hired a law firm to provide advice to schools concerned they could be sued for turning away students whose parents choose not to vaccinate.

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  1. It will not work!
    These vaccinations only give temporary immunity and therefore there will be constant outbreaks.
    In Ukraine the number of measles went down when they ran out of the vaccine.
    In China, the where the measles vaccine is mandatory, there are constant outbreaks

  2. This vaccination “business” is DANGEROUS. Another young man just got the measles because he neglected to get his updated shots and is now really suffering. THIS IS TOTALLY NUTS. Had he gotten the normal childhood measles when he was a little child, he wouldn’t have suffered so much and wouldn’t have to inject himself with this dangerous substance over and over again every few years as he’d be immune for the rest of his life.


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