NBA Champion Warriors Meet With Obama Instead Of White House Visit


In their only trip to Washington this season, the Golden State Warriors decided to meet with former President Barack Obama instead of a traditional visit to the White House.

The defending NBA champions were disinvited by President Donald Trump after saying they wouldn’t go to meet him, anyway. Golden State hasn’t visited the the White House since Trump took office.

A picture posted to Instagram Thursday night showed the meeting.


Read more at NY POST.



  1. More Fake News rehashed to fool the sheeple that Obama is in a position to meet the NBA. This report is from Feb. 2015 – 4 years ago.

    • Another recycled report to give validity to exciting events occurring the past few months that are blacked out by mainstream media. I love it!

  2. Golden State has Criminal Curry. He has used his body to display the holy language as he tattooed hebrew on his arm. It is a desecration of Israel and its honor of religion.

    So Mr. Trump would not waste his dreams with these men. Who would? Tattoos? I can assure you our president said very clear in the past he has a full anger at seeing tattoos. Why should Trump suffer to see NBA? They have no wealth for the dreams of man when he closes his eyes and sees the very unorthodox expressions of a mob of desecrators. They are not to be in the White House at all. A very good move.

    Leave the desecrators out of our politics and our humor and if the very silly public wants to see them play their game, endorse. They are desecrators.


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