Nationwide Parnassah Expo and Networking Event Has Something for All


parnassah-expoIf you’re in the business world or planning to be there anytime soon, you’d better make it your business to be at the Meadowlands Exposition Center on February 12, 2013. It’s that simple.

On that day, over 60,000 square feet of the center will host the Nationwide Parnassah Expo and Networking Event, a first-of-its-kind business and employment event hosted by Lakewood’s Learn and Network organization.

Learn and Network’s inaugural Parnassah Expo in Lakewood last year shattered expectations and attracted over 7,000 men and women, helping so many of them land jobs and/or invaluable contacts and resources. The upcoming expo promises to take that success to a whole new level, with a significantly boosted lineup of businesses and resources featured, along with extensive outreach to a diverse cross section of frum communities throughout the New York-New Jersey region and beyond. An unprecedented turnout is expected, be’ezras Hashem.

Reb Duvi Honig, founder of the Learn and Network organization and director of the event, sums up the expo’s pool of resources in four words: “Every Stage, Every Age.”

The expo will cover the gamut of everything of use to advance in a parnassah quest. Whether you’re looking to launch or advance in a business or find a single job, businesses and other useful resources of all sizes and forms will be there to help in a very organized and easy-to-find fashion. Businesses of all sizes can gain immeasurably from the exposure to thousands of potential new customers and clients. Special accommodation will be made for employers looking for a single employee or a handful of them and do not desire to reserve a full booth.

The largest and most revolutionary section will be the “Industries” portion, which is, in effect, several business expos in one. The section will include every resource imaginable for a particular business field, divided by industry to help attendees easily target the resources relevant to them. This section’s focus will be showcasing businesses that service and enhance businesses in that field, including resources that are not ordinarily known about.

The section will include exclusive subsections for real estate and construction, where you can find everything from architects to exterminators and managers; a health care section featuring info on billing, medical centers and supplies; a technology section with everything from computer-related products to technicians and online sales; an import/export and manufacturing section with a variety of helpful resources; and an additional subsection featuring resources for a mix of other industries.

Additionally, there will be large sections for a job fair, social services and headhunting organizations, academic and vocational training courses, and business enhancement tools featuring services such as legal and marketing advice and office services that can be of great value to virtually every business. There will also be a host of seminars delivered by respected names in the business world, as well as an “Investors Circle” to match investment capital with promising ideas and a networking corner in each expo section to make contacts for whatever you need.

“I was encouraged by the unbelievable results of the first expo,” Reb Duvi says, “and I’m confident that we’ll have even greater siyata diShmaya this time around. Everyone with motivation and talent, at any stage in life, will be able to find several resources that come in very handy.”

For more information about reservations, including pre-registering for networking groups, or to take advantage of the special rates for early reservations, visit or email

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