National Debt Hits Historic $20 Trillion Mark


The U.S. national debt reached $20 trillion for the first time ever last Friday after President Trump signed a bipartisan bill temporarily raising the nation’s debt limit for three months.

While at Camp David, Mr. Trump, with the stroke of his presidential pen, increased the statutory debt last Friday by approximately $318 billion, according to the Treasury Department. Before the bill’s completion, the U.S. debt was sitting around $19.84 trillion.

The $318 billion increase raised the U.S. national debt to $20.16 trillion by Friday. Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the debt has increased about $215 billion from around $19.94 trillion. Read more at CBS.






    • Inherited? No way mr trimp is the worst business man president EVER< belive me ever. were is cutting spending? Trade deals? MOAB-waste millions, ? His plegde to cut the senators down to 50 and save millions? not happening. He promised to sell off Oklahoma, no. He sending more trops to afgabistan a total waste.

  1. Historic? Not at all. President Trump INHERITED a national debt of well over $21 trillion dollars from Obama. Apparently, the national debt went down to $20 trillion.

  2. It actually went down even more one down to under 20 trillion and now because of the three months extension due to the catastrophes with the Hurricanes that’s why he let it go higher the debt ceiling and so it’s up to about 20 or a little bit more so this is actually less than what Obama left them but I’m sure all the left Liberals are going to go hang on to this and say look at this he hired it

  3. The government must tighten the budget and stop wasting all that non-essential expenses.
    For instance, Mueller and his henchmen searching the Russian ghost for months and months with not a speck of evidence all these months. A sheer waste of American dollars.
    Another example. Each Congress member gets $174,00 per year when they only work 33% of the year! The 535 Congressmen totaling $93,090,000 when $62,370,300 should be reduced for not working.

  4. Atrocious.

    America needs to go on a diet. If the plates served were more in line with a humble meal, we might actually reduce such a said h-ll.

    There is no telling how far it will increase of course, the future is uncertain and with one war in Afghanistan and another maybe in Korea, we can expect more concern.

    Eat your vegetables America. It might save our future!


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