Nat and Alyza Lewin Negotiate Successful Resolution of Connecticut Condominium Mezuzah Dispute


nat-lewinAttorneys Nathan Lewin and Alyza D. Lewin were successful in reaching a resolution in the matter involving a condominium association in Stratford, Connecticut that had prohibited Ms. Barbara Cadranel, from placing her mezuzah on the door post of her apartment.

The California Condominium Association has completely reversed course and agreed that Ms. Cadranel’s mezuzah shall be permitted to remain on the door post and no penalties or fees shall be assessed or levied upon her. In addition, the Condominium Association has announced that in the future all residents who wish may place mezuzahs or other religious symbols on their door posts without prior approval from the Association’s Board of Directors.

Alyza Lewin said: “We are very pleased that we were able to resolve this matter without having to resort to litigation. The outpouring of public support for Ms. Cadranel was extraordinary. The chorus of criticism of the Condominium Association and the expressions of support for our client not only provided Ms. Cadranel with much appreciated comfort but also brought about the dramatic turn of events we witnessed today.”

The attorney for the Association, Mr. Kurt Ahlberg, sent a letter Tuesday afternoon to the editor of the Connecticut Post informing him that the matter had been resolved. In his letter, Mr. Ahlberg states that “Ms. Cadranel acted with full propriety and within her legal rights in affixing the mezuzah to her door post.” He also extended a “personal apology to her as well as the Jewish community for this incident” and explained that neither he nor the Board “were aware of the significance of [Ms. Cadranel’s] placing the mezuzah upon her door post.”

The letter for the Association stated that the “California Condominium Association regrets this incident and condemns any and all forms of discrimination of every nature. It was never our intent to discriminate against Ms. Cadranel, nor cause her any discomfort, embarrassment or distress. The Association is a diverse community which welcomes residents of all faiths.” The letter closed by noting, “In the true spirit of our Easter and Passover season, we all look forward to the forgiveness of our transgressions and pray for the future.”

Ms. Cadranel said, “I am very happy that the Condominium Association realized that it made a mistake and has chosen to correct that mistake by permitting me, and any future residents of the condominium who wish, to put up a mezuzah on our door posts. I am thankful that in the Association’s letter to the Connecticut Post, they recognized that I acted completely appropriately when I put up my mezuzah. The entire episode was unfortunate and I am grateful that the Association expressed its regret. Now we can begin to heal and put this difficult experience behind us.”

{Noam Newscenter}


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