Nasrallah’s Bluff To Israel: We Are Stronger Than You Are


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday claimed that “Hezbollah is stronger than the Israeli army”.

“We will soon celebrate a victory on Syrian soil,” said the head of the Lebanon-based terrorist group in a televised speech marking the 12th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, while claiming that Israel has been “deterred” since being “defeated” by Hezbollah in 2006.

“12 years have passed and Israel is still threatening us with war. Israel talks about the strengthening of Hezbollah and its capabilities so much that one of the senior officers in Israel said that Hezbollah is the second most powerful army in the region after the IDF,” Nasrallah continued.

“Let me tell this senior officer: Hezbollah is stronger than the Israeli army, the resistance in Lebanon is stronger than the Israeli army in capabilities, in experience and courage,” he boasted, before accusing Israel of being an inseparable part of the war in Syria, claiming, “They supplied weapons to the rebel forces.”

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  1. Hassan is %100 percent right. The State of Israel is at its weakest point now in its history. All the infighting and insecurity, plus their liberal pacifist approach to their enemies, have left them extremely vurinable. The Arabs know that. The terrorists know that. The UN knows that. The NY Times knows that. The DNC knows that. Kristen Gillibrand knows that. Every 3 year old knows that. The lack of term limits in Israel has caused them to drop from strong to extremely weak, on life support.
    They are more concerned with Elor Azaria being disarmed and forcing Yeshiva boys, who know nothing about military, to join them.
    Thank G-d I don’t live there and all these people who are making an aliyah, have lost their minds.

    • Very well said except for the last paragraph. The situation in Israel is still better than that of the UK, Sweden and Belgium and very soon the US will follow their trend of violence.

  2. Sadly Ben Ami, comment #1, is right on! Just remind Nassralla that it is he who has been, and continues to be, in hiding for fear of getting whacked!

  3. he is right. Israel has lost it’s way. The “leaders” are more concerned about retaining power and perks than they are in defeating the enemy. The arabs know what they want and are willing to make the sacrifices and do the hard work necessary to win. Israel is soft and self-indulgent.

  4. Very well said except for the last paragraph. The situation in Israel is still better than that of the UK, Sweden and Belgium. (You don’t know about it? Of course not. Mainstream Fake News Media Enemies of the People are covering it all up because it’s not politically correct to talk about it.) Very soon the US will follow their trend of violence.

    • The US will become that only if a Democrat rises to power. If Trump remains President till 2024 and then Mike Pence for an additional 8 years after that, with Hashem’s help, America – the Medina shel chessed, will remain safe and strong until the coming of Moshiach. The heartland of America and the Bible belt are by and large god fearing, Church going people. The msm paints the narrative that perverted NY & Washington is what this Country is all about.

  5. To Ben Ami,
    We have Hashem on our side. Keep davening for the safety of our brothers in Eretz Yisroel.
    May Hashem bring the Geulah speedily in our days.

  6. …the fact that this low-life is still alive, proves how weak Israel is. He should have bee eliminated years ago. Who would care if he gets taken out? Israel unfortunately doesn’t have the stomach anymore for the aggressive moves it once didn’t hesitate to take.

  7. If we keep the Torah we are strong. Otherwise the weakest terrorist are stronger. Israel today allows chillul shabbos,gay parades,abortions on demand,tattoo shops,pork stores,and looking to draft yeshiva boys when in fact the army has too many soldiers. That’s why Gaza which has no tanks and no planes and no ships can continue to defeat Israel’s powerful army. If the One Above is not on your side than the weakest enemy can destroy an empire.

  8. Mr. Hassan is right about one thing for sure, the courage of his people the commitment of Defending their land he’s right, when you have loyalty to your own country unto your own people not only government but people and Country you are willing to sacrifice your life to protect your land and home, you might have more weapon or not, courage is essential to win any War

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