Nasrallah: We Will Strike Tel Aviv


nasrallahIn a televised speech in suburbs south of Beirut on Friday, Hizbullah leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah boasted that his sophisticated terror network is capable of hitting any target “in Tel Aviv and occupied Palestine”.

Nasrallah spoke at an event commemorating the completion of reconstruction and rebuilding of destruction incurred during the Second Lebanon War. The Second Lebanon War began on July 12, 2006, when Hizbullah fired rockets into northern Israel at the same time as it attacked two Israeli military jeeps, killing 3 IDF soldiers.

According to a report in the Tehran Times, Nasrallah told attendees that “the era in which we are afraid and they are not is over,” and that his group is “capable of striking very specific targets not only in Tel Aviv but everywhere in occupied Palestine.”

He bragged that while Israel attempted to “crush the resistance” during the month-long Second Lebanon War, “the war has failed to achieve its goal”. And in the future, he said, “for every building destroyed in Dahiya [an area in the suburbs of southern Beirut], a building will be destroyed in Tel Aviv”.

As of 2010, the Israeli government estimated that Hizbullah had an arsenal of more than 15,000 long-range rockets on its border with Lebanon.

{The Jewish Press/ Newscenter}


  1. It’s about time that the IDF exterminate this vermin, both in Lebanon and in Iran. Except for Jimmy Carter and possibly President Obama, the whole world will joyously celebrate.

  2. They fire their rocks from behind human sheilds. (Highly Populated Areas)
    That makes it difficult to fire back without civilians casualties.
    Who by the way are in no way innocent, since they knew that Hizbully placed rockets in their back yard or garage.
    All cowards use this tactic.
    In Syria innocent people are being killed daily, and the UN Mission says give it more time.
    However G-D forbid Israel fires back in self defense, and breaks a finger nail in Lebanon or elsewhere and the entire world shows their true colors.

  3. #1
    What did the air force do in 2006 to stop missiles from raining into Israels’s cities?
    Almost her entire northern population went south, and the country came to a stand still. People lived in bomb shelters. That seems like they can do quite a bit with their missiles. With the new long range ones, it could mean even the population of the north heading to the center of the country, will be heading even further south, with the population from the center having to go to the south south. Imagine how many secular jews will flee the country all together??
    Teshuva! Instead of questioning the capabilities of these men we call mad, take to heart that their threats are real, and the reason we are being told of this, is to soften our hearts to repentance. So, dont mock, do teshuva!


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