Nasrallah On Israel: “The Enemy Does Not Scare Us”


hezbollah-chief-terrorist-sheikh-hassan-nasrallahHezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Sunday, commenting on negotiations between Israel and Palestinians, and addressing the organization’s readiness in face of what he called the Israeli threat. He also promised to take Hezbollah out of Syria if Arab nations would stop their involvement in the conflict.

“Nowadays, the people of each country are preoccupied with the situations in their own country and unfortunately we have reached a period in which no one wants to talk about Palestine and the Israeli enemy,” he said. “The US and Israel wanted us to forget Palestine in the wake of all the achievements made by the axis of resistance.”

The speech was held on Martyr’s Day, the organization’s celebration of the anniversary of the death of Hezbollah senior commander Imad Mughniyeh who was killed in 2008 by a bomb that ripped through his car in Damascus, Syria.

Nasrallah also addressed the organization’s ability to withstand Israeli attacks: “The enemy does not scare us and after all these experiences and achievements, it knows that the resistance maintains high readiness despite everything that is happening in Lebanon and Syria. Our assets are ready and are growing and although martyrs from the resistance are falling in Syria, it is capable to confront the Israeli enemy.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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