NASA Receives Record 18,300 Applications For Its Next Astronaut Class


More people than ever are hoping to go to space.

By the deadline on Thursday, more than 18,300 people had submitted their résumés in hopes of joining the next group of NASA astronauts. That includes 4,000 procrastinators who applied in the final 48 hours.

It is close to three times the number who responded the last time NASA put out a call for astronauts, in 2011. That time around, after sifting through 6,100 candidates, NASA selected eight, an acceptance rate of 0.13 percent.  This time, the odds will be even lower. NASA will first toss out applicants who do not meet minimum requirements such as having a college degree in mathematics, science or engineering. Last time, that winnowed out 1,300. Read more at the NY Times.




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