NASA Launches First Ever Mission to Explore Core of Mars

NASA launched its InSight space probe early today to begin its first mission to explore the core of Mars. Mars InSight, the first outer space robotic explorer designed to examine the planet’s interior, blasted off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California just after 7 a.m. ET, the first interplanetary mission launched from the West Coast.
The explorer is expected to touch down on Mars on Nov. 26, after which it will dig 10 to 16 feet into the crust to “take the planet’s vital signs and help us understand how rocky planets formed,” NASA said today. The 790-pound space probe will conduct a two-year mission to measure the planet’s seismic activity, composition, and geologic structure.  Read more at CNN.


  1. Not quite the core, which is several hundred kilometers below the surface. The HP3 probe on InSight will burrow 16 feet into the surface to take temperature. That’s deeper than any other probe, but certainly not the core.

    NASA will learn about the core by inference from HP and the other instruments.

  2. Why does the hardworking American taxpayer have to fund this stupidity?

    • Let’s see, here are some technologies that came out of or were boosted by the space program: satellites for communication and GPS; robotics; computer technology; digital photography and digital video; and fuel cells.

      Studies of space weather have been important for protecting satellites and preventing blackouts.

      Then there is just the need to explore. But I guess you wouldn’t appreciate that.

      • “To discover how rocky planets formed”

        This goal is not to accomplish any technology advancements but rather to prove the big-bang theory.

  3. Israel is a prime example of how focus on practical technological advancement brings practical results. They have such a small budget compared to USA yet Israel is in the forefront of technology in so many ways. The spin offs refute the whole program’s purpose. If while focusing on space exploration we developed these tools the certainly a focus on improving the lives of humanity will result in much much more tools. This exploration is to fatten the pockets of the contractors behind it. A big waste and drain of resources.


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