NASA Finds Planet Eerily Similar to Earth


google-earthNASA has found a new planet outside our solar system that’s eerily similar to Earth in key aspects. Scientists say the temperature on the surface of the planet is about a comfy 72 degrees. Its star could almost be a twin of our sun. It likely has water and land.

It was found in the middle of the habitable zone, making it the best potential target for life yet.

The discovery announced Monday was made by NASA’s Kepler planet-hunting telescope. This is the first time Kepler confirmed a planet outside our solar system in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold habitable zone.

Twice before astronomers have announced a planet found in that zone, but neither was as promising. One was later disputed; the other is on the hot edge of the zone.

{ABC News/ Newscenter}


  1. wow thatis wanderfullnewmaybee we can go there as tourists at the speed of lightwho knows we might evenfind yiddin there learning torah.

  2. do you believe everything nasa says if you read the original announcement there are many disclaimers maybe efshar ulai kenzein maybe it is shayech that….how can you prove anything that is billions of miles away remenber they found water on mars but they just sent a satellite to find out if there ever was water on mars mimanafshach


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