NASA Discovers 715 New Planets


galaxy-space-planets-earthPluto may no longer be a planet, but NASA announced today that it has confirmed over 700 others that fit the bill. In the two years of data collection from its Kepler telescope, NASA has identified 715 planets, nearly doubling the number of known planets outside of our solar system. 95 percent of them are smaller than neptune. Four, though, are about twice the size of earth and are considered to be in the habtable zone, the region where liquid water can exist.

So, if earth is getting too crowded, we may have some options in the (distant) future. Read more at Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. And, what’s even more exciting, Kepler only covers 0.25% of the sky. That means that the number of actual planets out there is much, much larger.

    The Wolf


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