“Naftali’s Dream”: Update On Naftali and Donation Info


naftali-cohenWe again thank the many, many, Matzav.com readers who have contacted us regarding our current Featured Video on Naftali Cohen titled “Naftali’s Dream.”

The moving video was produced for the Cohen family about a year ago by Shmuel and Tsipora Besancon, and Naftali is currently undergoing a series of operations.

R’ Eliyahu Cohen, father of Naftali, is in the United States right now and has been here for the past few months with Naftali. Each operation Naftali undergoes takes many hours and is followed by hours of painful physiotherapy.

R’ Eliyahu has related that the experience has also been difficult for them emotionally, as they are all alone and he does not speak English. They have to stay in Miami for the physiotherapy, but between each treatment they have many hours to spend alone. They are situated in a part of Miami with very few Jews, and when Naftali gets bored the physical pain is stronger.

The willingness of so many Matzav.com readers to help is most appreciated by the family and the Cohen family needs every donation possible.

There is a fund through which US tax receipts can be issued. The donation can be transferred to the fund’s account or you can mail a check to the following address. Please write on the memo of the check “Naftali Cohen.”

Checks can be sent to:

Mivtach Oz

c/o Rabbi and Rebbetzin Richter

10 Roman Blvd.

Monsey, NY 10952


Rabbi and Rebbetzin Richter can be reached at 845-425-2875.

To donate by credit card, call Mrs. Shlezinger at 845-371-4271 or 845-371-0071.

If you would like to send a check directly to the family in Israel, mail it to:

Eliyahu Cohen

8 Shomrei Emunim Street

Apt. 20

Jerusalem, Israel

Make out the check to Eliyahu Cohen.

Important: Do not give donations to anyone else who is showing this film and claiming to be collecting money for the Cohen family.

Most importantly, Naftali’s name for Tehillim is Naftali Hertz ben Nechama.

We again thank all of our readers for showing that mi ke’amcha Yisroel is a tangible reality. May the Ribono Shel Olam see the altruism of his holy nation and in that merit send the gedulah shleimah b’karov.

May we only share smachos.

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  1. Naftali is staying in Palm Beach, near the Palm Beach Synagogue which is about an hour North of Miami.

  2. When I saw this video, I thought about a particular doctor who specializes in treating this type of situation. I had a child with a different condition who was being treated at a facility where this doctor practiced. This doctor has now relocated from an area where there is a lot of Jewish infrastructure to Palm Beach, so I suspect that this is the doctor who is treating young Naftali. This doctor also speaks Hebrew, and had many young Israeli patients where he previously practiced. B”H Naftali will I”H get the care that he needs. May this doctor be a good shaliach and the Rofeh Chol Bosor restore Naftali to shlaymus, b’karov!

  3. I know about these people from the Levitins- the Chabad at Palm Beach. They have done tremendous work for them. May Hashem bench all of you!

  4. I am personally involved with this family. If anyone can and would like to help the family in a different way then donating money ie sending gifts straight to Naftali, visiting them in Palm Beach or any other way they can send an email to Naftalistory@gmail.com
    Thank You
    Ari B


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