Nachal Oz to Name Neighborhood after Daniel Tregerman Hy”d


daniel-tregermanThe southern kibbutz community of Nachal Oz will name a new residential neighborhood after Daniel Tragerman hy”d, the four-year-old murdered by a Hamas mortar shell Friday, Gol Ronen reports for Arutz Sheva.

The neighborhood will include 40 housing units.

Doron and Gila, Daniel’s parents, recounted their version of events during a noon press conference Monday. “This deadly mortar shell struck after several explosions in the area,” Doron said. “The code red alarm startled us all, and everything happened very fast. This time, you understand, it didn’t strike in an open area [near the kibbutz], but just behind the wall [of the house],” he continued. “Daniel came out and I felt shrapnel pass very fast in front of me… Usually Daniel is the first to run into the shelter, but this time he froze in place,” she said. “We had a terrible feeling about this alarm.”

{ Israel}


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